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Whatever the amount of an individual’s wealth, every adult can benefit greatly from developing a thoughtful and well-reasoned plan for the future. Estate planning is much more than just transferring wealth from one generation to the next. In today’s quickly changing world, individuals face difficult decisions and complex issues when considering how their wealth will shape their families’ future. These questions are among the many that must be carefully considered by each individual when planning his or her estate:


How will my assets be managed for my care in my later years?


Who should receive my assets after my death?


How much of my wealth should I leave to my spouse, children and other intended beneficiaries?


Should I transfer wealth outright to or by way of a separate trust for the benefit of my spouse, children and other intended beneficiaries?


What assets should I leave to my beneficiaries?


What strategies work best for a blended family?


How do I protect my young children?


How can my retirement assets be leveraged to accomplish my goals?

Creating a well-design estate plan starts with a thorough understanding of your personal situation and goals and continues with thoughtful recommendations to implement your specific objectives. Your personal estate plan should always reflect your specific, individual needs and goals. The important process of estate planning can be emotionally difficult. Families may have thorny and long-standing unresolved issues and conflicts. Our lawyers possess the skills, experience and sensitivity needed to help our clients answer their questions and resolve problems facing their families.


At Waterfall, we work closely with our clients to tailor strategies – from the most basic will to the most complex trust agreements – to achieve your objectives, strategically and tactically. We show clients how they can achieve their primary objectives: Creating a financially sound future, protecting assets and transferring wealth to future generations in a tax-efficient way. We help clients in achieving peace of mind with their estate plan, whether they possess modest assets or a large multi-faceted estate. Every client’s needs are important to us. Our attorneys pride themselves in making an estate plan understandable to our clients. Equally important, we share our technical knowledge and deep experience with your other advisors, thoughtfully and collaboratively applying our resources to further your goals and ensure a comprehensive estate plan. As external factors or personal circumstances change, an effective estate plan is sustained through proactive counsel who know and care about your situation.


Contact our firm to schedule an appointment with one of our Trust and Estate attorneys to begin planning for your family’s future.

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