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Many clients wish to give back to their community by making gifts to their favorite charities or charitable endeavors both during their lifetimes and following their deaths. We can help create a plan that is both tax-efficient and centered around your core values and specific charitable goals. By carefully listening to your philanthropic goals and understanding what you hope to accomplish, Waterfall Trust and Estate attorneys can design the right approach to accomplish your charitable giving. As you explore various giving options, we can guide you in selecting the proper structure to use as the vehicle for your charitable gift, choosing the best assets to fund your charitable gift and in the timing of your charitable gifts to maximize available tax benefits.


Our Trust and Estate attorneys have experience in forming a variety of tax-exempt organizations and in obtaining favorable rulings from the Internal Revenue Service approving organizations’ tax exempt status. We also can help protect the ongoing tax-exempt status of organizations by guiding clients in the proper administration of the charity, including the handling of tax returns, making distributions, avoiding any prohibited transactions and complying with corporate governance matters.


We encourage you to contact us to help you develop your own personal philanthropic plan.

Our Charitable Planning Attorneys:

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