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Arbitration and Mediation Attorneys

At Waterfall, Economidis, we strongly believe that Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques such as mediation, arbitration, and judicial settlement conferences are frequently the best and most cost-effective option for resolving legal conflicts. In fact, courts at both the federal and state level recommend—and in some circumstances require—some form of ADR to be taken before litigation occurs.

ADR techniques are confidential and occur in a private setting which avoids costly and often prolonged litigation and the enormous stress litigation causes. The flexible and non-binding process of mediation allows two parties in a dispute to communicate effectively, find common ground, and move toward a settlement. Arbitration is a voluntary process in which parties agree to submit their dispute to a binding resolution, which helps conclude the matter quickly. Our lawyers represent clients in the mediation process, and they are often selected to serve as independent Arbitrators and Mediators in private and court-annexed proceedings.

Because ADR avoids the adversarial nature of court litigation, it also lessens contentiousness and helps preserve relationships, such as those between employers and employees, those between business partners and those between spouses in a divorce. The key to successful application of ADR techniques is knowing when to recommend and employ ADR services and having the skill to utilize these techniques. Our lawyers have the training, skill and experience in evaluating a legal issue and devising an effective strategy, including ADR techniques, to help clients attain their goal. Waterfall Economidis attorneys often advocate the use of ADR techniques as the preferable route for resolving a dispute.


Our Arbitration and Mediation Attorneys:

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