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The Importance of Good Anti-Harassment Policies and Procedures

Your workplace is one big, happy family, right? You work and play together; you joke around; it’s all in good fun. Well, it is until it isn’t; until an EEOC complaint lands on your desk.

Each new day seems to bring new revelations about the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace. This great unmasking only underscores how crucial it is for employers to have comprehensive policies and staff training on identifying and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace and on appropriately and thoroughly responding to employee complaints when they arise. Not only is having good policies and complaint procedures in place a good idea from an ethical and moral standpoint, but also having robust anti-harassment policies, and implementing those policies consistently, can shield an employer from legal liability for the misdeeds of a rogue employee. Employers should consider several components when creating and implementing sexual harassment policies and procedures:


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How Howell Impacts The Division of Military Pensions in Divorces

In May 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court issued an opinion in Howell v. Howell, 137 S. Ct. 1400 (2017), reversing and remanding the judgment of the Arizona Supreme Court.  In effect, the decision places important limitations on a trial court’s ability to ensure that a military retirement pay award to a former spouse is protected in the event that the military veteran accepts a disability benefit that diminishes his or her retirement pay and consequently that of the former spouse.


The case involved John Howell (Husband) and Sandra Howell (Wife), who divorced in 1991, while Husband was completing military service.  The divorce decree treated Husband’s future military retirement pay (MRP) as community property and awarded Wife fifty percent of Husband’s MRP upon its commencement.  Husband retired in 1992 and Wife began receiving fifty percent of the MRP.  About thirteen years later, the V.A. deemed Husband to be twenty percent disabled because of service-related injuries.  Husband elected to receive corresponding disability benefits and thus had to waive a portion of his MRP.  This waiver reduced Wife’s award of the MRP.

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Choosing The Best Corporate Entity For Your Business

Choosing the proper structure for your business, whether you are starting a new business or changing the type of entity for an existing business, is one of the most important business decisions you will make. The two primary considerations in selecting the type of entity are usually liability protection and tax treatment. Here is a summarization of several of the business structures that are available to you in Arizona. We recommend you consult with legal and tax professionals before making a final decision as to which entity is best for you.

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3 Common Estate Planning Mistakes Parents of Young Children Make

Being a parent to young children can be exhausting between ballet and soccer practice, bath time, homework, and bedtime. It is not a surprise that most parents of young children don’t give estate planning much thought.  However, parents with young children can benefit greatly from having an estate plan and the assistance of an attorney that specializes in estate planning.  It is extremely common for parents with minor children to make mistakes that can affect their estate and, most importantly, their children, if something tragic and unthinkable happens to them.  As an estate planning attorney and mother of a kindergartner, I understand the stress that comes with thinking about an estate plan while managing work and life, but it is an important step for all parents.

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Published 12/05/2017

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