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Waterfall Economidis attorneys are industry leaders in advocating and fighting for people exploited by large insurance companies. We aggressively hold these organizations accountable for claims they make in their contracts and promotional materials. Through litigation and vigorous fact-finding techniques, we uncover and reveal the documents that prove insurance company hardball tactics or contradict their promotional and advertising materials.

Clients who have suffered a major loss from a fire, theft, accident, or other difficult event need calm, competent guidance and an advocate who knows how to fight for a client’s rights and financial interests. Our attorneys build on a long track record of experience suing insurance companies for bad faith in handling claims, including personal injury, private long-term disability, ERISA disability, homeowners insurance, workers’ compensation, managed health and home health care, as well as commercial property, casualty, and liability cases.

In addition, our sophisticated databases and access to a nationwide network of insurance-specialist lawyers levels the playing field between our clients and the insurance companies. We have advocated on behalf of our clients against many insurance companies, including: Allstate, Atlantic Travelers, The Equitable, Farmers, The Hartford, Jefferson Pilot, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, New York Life, Northwestern Mutual, Paul Revere, Penn Treaty, Reliance Standard, Safeco, State Farm, and UNUM/Provident.

Our Insurance Attorneys: